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Skylights are great when it comes to naturally brightening your house and saving electricity. However, that is not the only purpose it serves. They make your property look aesthetically pleasing. The natural light opens up your living space. Not to forget, they are amazing for ventilation and getting rid of greenhouse gasses.

There are several types of skylight installation available in the market.

Here is the list of skylights we offer
1. Fixed skylights- They are great for maximum lighting of your living space and star gazing at night. The glass panels are stationary and provide an open view of the sky.

2. Manual Venting skylights- They not only light your house, make your place look beautiful but are great for ventilation. The glass panel can be manually opened whenever you want.

3. Velux Electric venting skylights- This one has all the properties of the above including electricity operated glass panel. Maximum times it is impossible to reach the skylights to manually open the panel, this one can be easily operated by a switch.

4. Velux solar venting skylight- Saving electricity is always appreciated. The solar venting skylight comes with solar panels that open the blinds with solar energy.

5. Roof window- A small crib attached to the skylight can serve a 2-in-1 purpose. They can be used as a small hangout place, also, an emergency exit.

6. Sun Tunnel- They are a great way to bring in natural lights inside the house through the false ceiling.

Talk to our expert to choose the right kind of skylight as per your requirement.

Skylight Repair In Nashville TN

Some of the common problems with Skylights may include:

Water leakage : Damp roof in rain or snow due to leakage in the Skylights can be very damaging to the rooftop. You may face this problem if the panels are not properly installed or the sealing has worn down with time.

Broken or cracked glass panels : We replace Skylights whose glass panels have cracked or broken due to any reason. Choose the right kind of glass from our glossier for an as good as new Skylight.

Too much sunlight or UV radiation : Some old Skylights maybe have the wrong kind of glass on them. It may overheat your living space, let in harmful UV rays and excess light. Talk to us get the right kind of glass installed.

Faulty/stuck metal frame : If you have venting skylight whose opening and closing mechanism has stopped working. Oiling the joints might help for some time but it goes back to the same in a few days. Our people can fix the problem without any hassle.

Insulation problems : The most common problem with Skylights is insulation. No one wants their house to become cold due to that poorly insulated Skylights. We can fix it for you.

Our services also include one of the best Skylights repairs in Nashville, TN. Give us a call or write to us.

Things you should consider while looking for Skylight installation services:

Before you decide on which type of skylight you want for your home jolt down your requirements.

Do you want the morning sunlight? An east-facing skylight will give you the cool morning sunlight.

Do you want the afternoon sun? If you want maximum and constant sunlight throughout the day a west facing skylight panel is the one for you.

Do you want a cool breeze and light sun? If you not a fan of direct sunlight but rather want a subtle influx of sunlight throughout the day, you would want to go for north or south facing skylight.

In addition to all of the above you also need to consider the slanting of your roof. Trees around your house. The direction of house etc.

Talk to our experts to discuss what works best for you.

Another thing which is very important is how long does it take to install the skylights. Installing anything new can be a bit noisy and bearing the hassle for very long is not what you want. Talk to the installers beforehand about the timing.

Skylight Installation Cost in Nashville, TN

The cost of installing or repairing skylights can be a big factor in determining the right company for your service. Lowering the cost and compromising with the quality of the material isn’t right. We believe in a good balance between cost and quality. Our products include superior quality skylights at a reasonable price.

As our name suggests ‘Skylights for less’, we pride ourselves as one of the most affordable service provider of Skylight installation in Nashville, TN.

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