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The primary function of Shingles is to make your roof watertight. It is installed in such a way that the shingles interlock over each other, giving the roof full coverage. 

During rain or snowfall the water runoff of the pitched roof covered with shingles. The runs down the surface and goes to the gutter with the help of gravity. Shingles are used in the roof with a slant and not in flat roofs.  

Difference Between Shingles And Tiles

The basic element of shingles and tiles is the same. They both help in eliminating water from the rooftop.

Tiles are heavier and stronger. They need a strong base to be installed on. Your house has to be strong enough to hold a tiled roof. Also, your roof would need reinforcement to have a tiled roof. Tiles are much costlier as a material and also to install.

Shingles are the most common roofing solution in the USA. They are made up of a variety of materials. It can be Slate, plastic, composite or aspect. 

If you want to shingle your dog house or your shed you can do it yourself.  Refer to tutorials online. The process in itself is really simple and cost a lot less than tiling.

Why Should You Choose Shingle Roofing?

Shingle is water-resistant. The material they are made of repels water does not absorb any. Keeps your house cool during summer days. It reflects harmful UV rays. Shingles also minimise fire damage during a fire. Shingles repress algae growth. 

Shingles are much cost-effective than any other type of roofing solution. Installation is easy and inexpensive. It has much more variety than any other type of roofing solution with its various textures, colours and shapes

Types Of Shingle

Asphalt – Asphalt shingles are most commonly used in North America. They provide an exceptional waterproofing solution for the roof. They are affordable and easy to install. 

The surface of the shingle is covered with slate granules which have been tested as the best material. Shingles come with a self-adhesive tar solution which activates under the sunlight and sticks the shingles together once it’s installed. 

Other types of Shingles

Another type of shingles may be metal, wood, rubber, or clay. All of them have their pros and cons.

For example, metal is the most durable, however, it is not the best for insulation. 

Wood isn’t fire-resistant enough and it tends to rot easily. Clay gives the most insulation, however, it isn’t as durable or water-resistant.

Rubber isn’t the most durable but it is budget-friendly.

Installing Shingles

Shingles installation is far easier than any other type of roofing solution. However, It is not a task you should try to do yourself. It can lead to dangerous accidents. The roof is a dangerous place to be in.

Maximum construction accidents happen due to people not wearing recommended gear. If you want to shingle your roof, always call the professionals. 

They have the right gear, harness and everything to do the job correctly without any accidents. Professionals do it fast. Their work tends to last long and you wouldn’t face problems with the installation later on.

Why should you call us?

We provide the best, fast and affordable shingle installation in Nashville, Tennessee. 

We are a licence roofing constructors. We have years of experience as roofing contractors. We have performed many roofing installations, shingle installation over the years.

Our workers are well-trained. They know how to do the job and how to do it properly. You don’t have to think about replacements or bad installations.

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