Nashville Zoo At Grassmere

It is a zoological zoo which has 6,230 animals encompassing 339 species. It is located 6 miles southeast of the Downtown Nashville. It is 188 acres large in space. It is estimated that it was Middle Tennessee’s top paid attraction zoo. It is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Rick Schwartz is a president and CEO of Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The zoo is a nice spot for having a good time with family. Having lots of different species in the zoo welcome the visitors from all across the world. The zoo garden has a lot of space for visitors. People visit it on a vacation to enjoy the vacation. The zoo opens from the morning till evening. Visitors usually bring their children as children love animals. Animal lovers come to the zoo on a weekly basis. The zoo was in past was the farmland owned a family member. Now, the zoo is a government property and you need to buy tickets before entering the zoo.

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

You will get the full-time enjoyment once you enter the zoo. This is a popular zoo in Nashville TN. The foreigner from other countries come to this zoo to see the beauty of Nashville. During the summer day the zoo is quite hot which cause few numbers of visitors to come to visit, but in the evening you will get fresh air. In the evening you will get the best scenery. It is a knowledgeable place for zoological related students. Students can take the most advantage of this place.

The animals are placed in the cage where no visitors are allowed. The cage is totally packed with mirror. The mirror used for this is very strong because no animals can break into the mirror. Visitors easily see all the animals and get the nice experience. There are many kinds of animals are available in zoo-like lion, deer, leopard, kangaroo, and much more. The garden in the zoo is very attractive. Visitors usually rest on the garden during visiting the zoo. The children play games during visiting the zoo and see animals to get the most exciting experience. During the good occasion, you will get tickets on discounted prices.

You will get food inside the zoo because there are much food selling staller are available. You can take your own food it is permissible. The costing of the food is very high inside the zoo. So, it is recommended for you to bring your own food. The zoo has a friendly environment. It has different species which you have never seen in your life. You will see the nature in the zoo. The zoo is also a ice to spends time friends. The bodyguard takes care of the animals and gives them food on a daily basis. Animals are taken care of very safely. Animal doctors are available to take care of the animal. It takes about a whole day to visit the whole zoo. You can check the opening time of the zoo on the internet before scheduling to visit the zoo. Have Fun there! 

Nashville Zoo Prices

For adults and teenagers –  The admission price during the weekdays in the Nashville Zoo is 17$, And during the weeken it is 18$.

For children (age 2 – 12 )–  The admission price during the weekays is 12$ and during the weekend it is 13$.

For Seniors (age 65+) – The admission price during the weekdays is 15$ and during the weekend it is 16$.

For children under 2 and for the zoo members it is free.

For the members the parking is free and for non members it’s 7$ per vehicle.

Strollers and wheelchairs are also available for rent on a first come first serve basis because of the popularity of the equipment.

Here is the pricing – For single strollers you have to pay 10$. For double strollers it’s gonna cost you 12 $. For manual wheelchairs you have to pay 10$ and for electric wheelchairs 30$.

You can also bring in your own wheel chair, or stroller.

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