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Hailstorm damages everything in its wake your roof isn’t any different. The roof takes most of the damage, more than any other part of your house. Even the small size of hail ice stones can cause serious damage in your roof and the big ones downright puncture it. 

You can easily see how bad the hailstorm was if step a foot outside once the storm has passed. You will dented cars if they were parked outside, damaged mailboxes, unruly trees etc. Storm can do a lot of damage to your roof as well, it is always best to contact someone to get your roof checked after a hailstorm.

Things That Affect Roof Damage?

Type of roof material

The type of roof determines how much it will be affected during a hailstorm. Old roofs that are already crumbly will be more damaged a newer one. 

Flat bituminous roofs don’t suffer as much damage as a tiled roof or a roof with shingles. Roof made of composite material will also suffer if fat hailstones hit it. 

The intensity of hailstorm

Dense hailstorm with thick hailstones will do a lot more damage than small pea-sized hailstones. The most damage is caused at places where the roof is weaker or is already damaged, has cracks or the joints.

How To Inspect Hail Damage?

  • Dented aluminium coverings on gutters.
  • The storm is often accompanied by high wind and you might find loose shingles around your house or the backyard. You might come off their adhesive on the roof. 
  • You may find dented AC condensers or heat pumps, roof vents, destroyed completely, dented or broken.
  • Cracked skylights is another thing you might experience. 
  • Bruising on the Shingle. 
  • Cracks on tiled roofing is also a possibility. 
  • Soft roofing material can get a lot more damaged than solid ones. Roof made of clay tiles or slate takes the most damage. 

The one thing you should immediately do after a hailstorm is to call your Insurance Company for a claim. Waiting to do so can make your company deny the claim. Effects of some damages do not show up immediately but can cause extreme problems later on. It is recommended to call professionals to come and check your roof immediately.

Be extremely aware of roofing storm chasers. These are roofing companies that show up immediately after a storm. They wait for or a natural calamity to strike and they will show up at your doorstep asking to give you immediate repair services.

They will ask to call insurance service and get insurance. They might make cashback promises and various other unethical means to get easy money. These people do not care about repairing the damage, all they care about is the money. They work very quickly and are often do extra work that is not required.

They guarantee homeowners to pay back the insurance deductible once the insurance amount is paid. Beware, since insurance may decline your claim if they see that extra work has been done when it wasn’t required.

When To Call Us?

Immediately after a hailstorm. If you want to get your roof checked you can call us and we will look for any physical damage or minor damages that can later turn big.

If you see water leaks in your garage, or the walls seeping water, wet insulation, growing moulds or wet stains on the corners of your house, it might be due to the damage done by a hailstorm. Call us to find out the problem and we fix it in time

What do we do?

We provide exceptional repair service for roof damage during hail storms or any other natural calamity. 



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