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Centennial Park is a large urban park in Nashville TN which is located two miles west of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, across West End Avenue (U.S. Highway 70S) from the campus of Vanderbilt University. It is open as a public park in 1903. Due to Jim Crow-era regulations, blacks were banned until 1960. The park includes both the Parthenon and the Confederate Private Monument.

The centennial park is a really amazing park in Nashville TN. The park is now dedicated for tourism. Tourists all across the world come to visit this park. The park is also a good shooting for the films. The park is a nice spot for the vacation. I remember the last time I visited this park. The park was full of public and looking very beautiful in the evening. The park is connected with the great monument. So, whenever the visitors came to visit this park they take a journey of the monument. The park is big in size which takes you a whole day to explore the park.

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Previously, blacks were banned in the park, but as the time passes the government remove this sanction and allow the blacks to enter into the park. Now you get to see lots of blacks in the park. Centennial Park is now a famous spot in Nashville TN. People who live in Nashville TN always visit this park in their lifetime. The park is a famous spot for the family vacation. The park opens at 10 am and close at 8 pm. in the evening the park looks very beautiful. The camera is allowed in the park and you can a lot of photos inside the park and upload them to Facebook.

The park has lots of tourist attraction. Food is allowed to bring with the family. The price of food is very high and requires lots of budgets. The park is connected with the swimming pool and anyone can swim in the swimming pool there is no restriction on the swimming pool. Swimming close at 5 pm before the sunset and nobody is allowed to walk around the swimming pool except the staff member of the park. The staff member of the park is very helpful and courteous to the visitors. The park has a map inside it which helps the visitors to follow the correct path.

The park is surrounded by lots of different kind of tree and followers. It increases the beauty of the park. The school allows their students to visit the park. Everyone in the Nashville recommends you to visit this park. The park is famous in the Nashville. The park is a famous spot for the couple and the lots of couples come on a daily basis to see the beauty of the park. The park is closed in Monday and in Monday were cleaned to remove all the dirt spread around the grass of the park. The park has a restroom for the public. Anybody who wants some rest during the visit they are most welcome to take some rest.

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